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Steve – an Australian White-bellied Sea Eagle

Meet Steve – a magnificent Australian White-bellied Sea Eagle – one of Australia’s largest and most spectacular birds.

With all of my bird paintings my artistic challenge is bring them to life.  I want them to talk, to tell their story to everyone who sees them.  To achieve this, I work hard on each bird’s expressions and personality, as well the story behind the painting

In this original oil painting, Steve is focused on his prey and is about to capture his prey – fish for lunch?

Quite apart from the sheer majesty of this beautiful bird in flight, I enjoy his look of concentration and focus which belies his fishing objective.

I am passionate about Australian wildlife, particularly birdlife. I am a realist oil painter who wishes to showcase the beauty and majesty of Australia’s birds.

Over the last few years I have met many amazing photographers who specialise in Birdlife photography, and who have generously allowed me access to their material as inspiration and reference points.  My challenge then is to bring these to life – to get them to talk not only to me but to everybody that sees the bird painting.

I met Nathan Piesse at a Birdlife Digital photography event where one of my paintings was being showcased as an example of how digital photography could be utilised by artists.

“Steve” is one of Nathan’s favourite shots, and I agreed to paint him. I was very excited about this project, not only because of “Steve’s” majesty, but also because it involved a different challenge from my other recent projects. I endeavoured to capture the moment as this sharp eyed Eagle, in hunting pose catches the light and reflects across the water.

To properly convey “Steve’s” story, I brought his talons to the fore, giving them greater emphasis, as well as focussing more on his eyes and reworking the sea backdrop to better capture the beauty of this bird and the moment of the catch.

The original oil painting of “Steve” now roost’s on display in Nathan’s new home, and a prints is currently on display in the Village Art Gallery at Whiteman Park, along with a collection of my other birdlife paintings.

Few Australian birds of prey are as spectacular as the White-bellied Sea Eagle. Although similar in shape to the well known Wedge-tailed Eagle, and almost as large, the Sea Eeagle is readily distinguished by its contrasting crisp white and ash grey plumage, which adds to its striking appearance as it soars effortlessly on broad wings. Despite its name, the Sea Eagle is not confined to coastal areas, and the species is regularly recorded at terrestrial wetlands far from the sea, especially along larger inland rivers and at freshwater swamps and lakes.

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