RedTailed Black Cockatoo


Bird Painting Nelly Selected for MidWest Art Prize

I am thrilled to announce that Nelly has been jury selected for judging in the MidWest Art Prize.  Nelly is my favourite bird painting to date.

I see this as important recognition not only for my own bird painting skills, but recognition of realist wildlife painters. Only 60 pieces of 240 submissions have been selected for judging in a competition which embraces all manner and styles of artist expression.

Nelly is an original oil bird painting of a female Australian red-tailed black cockatoo, and I just love her attitude. She is so regal!

Nelly is situated high on a tree, and casting a wise and controlling look over her domain. I have worked really hard on bringing her detailed plumage to the fore as well as getting just the right look in her wise eye.

MidWest Art Prize

This is the fifth Mid West Art Prize which showcases the diversity, quality and innovation of art currently being made in WA.  It is one of the most prominent and valuable prizes in Western Australia, with the exhibition opening on Friday the 16th of June at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.

Redtailed Black Cockatoos

A gregarious species, the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo is often seen in large flocks, as well as in pairs and trios. It is an active, noisy and conspicuous bird, mainly arboreal, spending much of the day feeding.

At sunset, flocks are often seen flying high, returning from feeding areas to roosts in large trees along the banks of rivers or streams. They may be less wary while feeding than at other times, and generally do not allow a close approach by an observer, readily taking flight and screeching loudly.


Nelly has now returned, and hangs proudly in the Village  ârt Gallery at Whiteman Park, where I am the Resident Birdlife Artist.

Come and see her and have a chat with me at Whiteman Park most Wednesdays through Sunday.

Prints of Nelly are also available on the web site.