Bird Paintings at Jahroc Galleries

Bird Paintings Available at Jahroc Galleries

I am glad to announce that a selection of my bird paintings are available at Jahroc Galleries in Margaret River.  I feel honoured to have them represent my bird artworks.

Jahroc is one of the leading galleries in the region with a long history in the town.

It is perfectly located in the Southern end of the main street and is well known to art lovers.

Margaret River

As an Australian Bird Artist I feel that t is important to have a gallery whose patrons relate to my bird art.   Jahroc is perfect for this, as is the region.

For those who don’t already know, Margaret River is one of Australia’s premium wine, tourist and surfing destinations.  The region is also home to a large variety Australian birdlife – including the very popular and spectacular Splendid Blue FairyWrens.

An Artist’s Journey

The aim of every professional artist is to become widely known and have his or her talent more widely recognised.  (We also need to sell some stuff from time to time – partly because we need the money but more importantly as an acknowledgement that others appreciate our skills.)

Gallery representation is an important step in building an artist’s reputation.   It is important to foster a strong relationship with the right gallery (or galleries) and I am pleased to have Jahroc’s support in my journey.