“BORN TO FISH” – Fairy Tern

Born To Fish-92x92cm Watermarked
Born to Fish


This magnificent little shore bird with a distinctive black crown and yellow bill has a big personality and deserves to be painted larger than life.   My focus in this painting was to draw attention to the light on the  wing flutter, capturing the power of the bird’s anatomy whilst directing the viewers eye to the yellow beak and  the catch.

Fairy Terns are shore birds, usually living next to the high tide mark on a sandy beach.   They are small birds specifically designed to dive swiftly into the sea to catch fish from great heights.  They are very entertaining as they squabble on the shore and use their catch as a courtship lure or to feed their young.

Thank you to wildlife photographer Cherilyn Corker for graciously providing the reference photo for this painting.

Original Oil on Canvas (Framed) – $3,500 (AUD)


Unframed– 92cm x 92cm (36″ x 36″)

Framed – 96cm x 96cm (38″ x 38″)

Small Print on Ready to Hang Canvas 60cm x 60cm (Unframed) – $270 (AUD) including shipping.
Large Print on Ready to Hang Canvas 90cm x 90cm (Unframed) – $415 (AUD) including shipping.
Prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Archival Photo Rag 308 gsm. Same size as original painting 92cm x 92xm (Unframed) – $370 (AUD) including shipping.

Other print sizes available on request.

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