“Triple Treat” – Australian Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Triple Treat - Low Res 76cm x 76 cm unframed
Tripple Treat - Print in Black FrameTriple Treat - Print in White FrameTripe Treat - Camelback Award Cert.Silver 2021


Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos are considered one of Australia’ Birdlife celebrities.


Dressed in salmon pink and bearing crowns befitting Kings and Queens these beautiful cockatoos are renowned for their mischievous, playful and highly entertaining personalities.


I loved every second of panting these spectacular birds.  Capturing the charisma and getting to know each subject’s  personality as the party of three morphed onto the canvas. A “Triple Treat” experience for me.


May this party of Mitchell Cockatoos bring much joy to the home in which they are chosen to roost.


Thank you to Michael Jury for graciously providing the reference photo as inspiration for this painting.


Original Oil Painting on Canvas (Framed) – SOLD

Unframed – 75cm x 75cm (29.5″ x 29.5″)

Framed – 80cm x 80cm (31.5″ x 31.5″)

Print in Matboard size 28cm x 35cm (Unframed) – $65 (AUD) including shipping.
Framed Print in Matboard size 32cm x 40cm – $90 (AUD) including shipping.
Small Print on Ready to Hang Canvas size 40cm x 40cm (Unframed) – $170 (AUD) including shipping.
Large Prints on Ready to Hang Canvas same size as the original painting 75cm x 75cm (Unframed) – $400 (AUD) including shipping.
Prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Archival Photo Rag 308 gsm. Same size as the original painting 75cm x 75cm (Unframed) – $330 (AUD) including shipping.
Other print sizes available upon request.

Print prices include shipping.


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