Birdlife Art has a new home!

As an artist, I enjoy surrounding myself with the life that inspires me. Since finding my niche in realistic birdlife painting I have endeavoured to find a location that reflects and inspires my passion.

I am proud to say I have grown from the family home front porch, to various parks and wildlife locations across Perth to my new creative  location as Resident Birdlife Artist at the Village Art Gallery.Whiteman Park. 

Being one of Perth’s premium wildlife and tourist destinations the Park is also home to the Caversham Wildlife Park. An opportunity to take up the vacant space in the Village Art Gallery  was a dream come true. The perfect advancement for me as an up and coming Birdlife Artist.

After some hard work and loving touches to the Village Art Gallery walls, my Australian Birdlife oil painting’s now graciously hang within the entrance. A wonderful new home and acknowledgement to my artistic achievements from the past few years.

I look forward to meeting you under the sun, on the veranda surrounded by the natural beauty that is Whiteman Park Village Art Gallery.

The Village Art Gallery is located in the heart of the Whiteman Park Village. The gallery is open 10am  to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday and Public Holidays.

2 thoughts on “Birdlife Art has a new home!”

  1. Hello, Nicky,

    I found your website by chance from a web designer who listed your link as an example of their work on to design a website for my boss’s lifetime journal. Anyway, I love art and also like to oil paint (I’ve been self-teaching myself for 30+ years but, unfortunately, still feel like a beginner). I found your paintings very inspiring and just had to leave a comment to let you know how impressed I am with your beautiful work. Your bird paintings are spot on and really capture the nuances and personalities of the different species. Congratulations on opening your new studio in the Village Art Gallery. That is a huge accomplishment, and I’m sure you are enjoying it and will continue to have great success there.

    All the best,

    Susan Berg

    1. Hello Susan,

      Thank you for making contact with me and your lovely comments. I wish you every success with your painting endevours the greatest down fall of most artists is lack of self confidence.

      Sending very best regards,

      Nicky Shelton

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