“Banksia Fairy-wren”

Banksia Wren - Superb Fairywren.
Banksia Wren - Black FrameBanksia Wren - White Frame


Adult male Fairy-wrens are among the most brightly coloured of the wren species, especially during the breeding season. These coloured males are often accompanied by a band of brown “jenny wrens” assumed to be a harem of females, but a proportion of the assumed harem are males which have not yet attained their breeding plumage.

This is my version of a “jenny wren”.  A male Superb Fairy-wren not yet ready to attain his breeding plumage.  He is a member of my repertoire of Happy Wrensday oil paintings,  a collection of small paintings in celebration of our beautiful unique Australian wrens.

Thank you to wildlife photographer Kimberly Wormald – Lirralirra for graciously providing the reference photo for this oil painting and also for naming this little fellow “Banksia Fairywren”


Original Oil on Artists Canvas Board (Framed) – SOLD


Unframed – 16cm x 22cm (6.2″ x 8.6″)

Framed – 22cm x 28cm (8.2″ x 10.6″)

Print in Matboard size 28cm x 35cm (Unframed) – $65 (AUD) price includes shipping.
Framed Print in Matboard size 32cm x 40cm – $90 (AUD) including shipping.
Print on Ready to Hang Canvas 20cm x 30cm (Unframed) – $105 (AUD) price includes shipping.
Other print sizes available upon request.
Print price includes shipping.


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