“Bower of Bliss”- Female Satin Bowerbird

Bower of Bliss Female Satin Bowerbird

Painted in oils – An inquisitive female Satin Bowerbird  responds to the calling cards and  inspects the love nest created to entice her affections.

The courtship ritual of the Bowerbird is quite an intriguing and elaborate affair.

Male Bowerbirds go to extreme lengths to create a love nest to entice the attention and approval of a mate. Females are lured to the potential love nest by a collection of brightly coloured artifacts left as seduction calling cards. If she is impressed enough with the unique love nest construction she will give her  approval by submitting to her suitor.

Once the relationship is consummated the female will create her own bower where she will independently raise the resulting offspring. Thus leaving the male to entice the affections of another approving female.

Thank you to John Smith for graciously providing the reference photo for this oil painting.

Original Oil on Canvas (Framed) – SOLD


Unframed – 12.5cm x 17.5cm (4.9″ x 6.9″)

Framed – 18cm x 23cm (7″ X 9″)

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