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Carnaby Cockatoo Painting - Marty - Bird Paintings
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A wise, inquisitive look from a beautiful cockatoo strangely alone in the canola fields of Toodyay is what attracted me to paint this striking Carnaby Cockatoo.  Marty is my interpretation of a photo by Georgina Steytler, a leading Australian birdlife photographer.

The Carnaby’s black cockatoo is a large black cockatoo endemic to south-western Australia. It has a short crest on the top of its head. Its plumage is mostly greyish black and it has prominent white cheek patches and a white tail band. The body feathers are edged with white giving a scalloped appearance. Adult males have a dark grey beak and pink eye-rings. Adult females have a bone coloured beak, grey eye-rings and ear patches that are paler than those of the males.

Threatened by habitat destruction, Carnaby’s black cockatoo is listed as endangered by the Federal and Western Australian governments.

Original Oil on Canvas Board (Framed) – SOLD


Unframed – 61cm  x 46cm (24″ x 18″)

Framed – 76cm x 61cm (30″ x 24″)

Print in Matboard 35cm x 28cm (Unframed) – $65 (AUD) including shipping.
Framed Print in Matboard size 40cm x 32cm – $90 (AUD) including shipping.
Small Print on Ready to Hang Canvas 50cm x 40cm (Unframed) – $235 (AUD) including shipping.
Large Print on Ready to Hang Canvas 85cm x 70cm (Unframed) – $415 (AUD) including shipping.
Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Archival Photo Rag 308 gsm. Same size as the original painting 61cm x 46cm (Unframed) – $170 (AUD) including shipping.
Other print sizes available on request.

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