“SWOOP” – Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie
Swoop - Print in Black FrameSwoop - Print in White FrameAward Camelback


This birdlife painting was created in memory of my father who passed away from Parkinson’s disease in 2017.  His favorite bird was the Australian Magpie.

Every Australian is familiar with the melodious chortling of the magpies “dawn chorus”.  According to Aboriginal Noongar lore the sky was once so close to the ground that trees could not grow, people had to crawl and the birds were forced to walk everywhere. The clever magpies however took long sticks in their beaks and pushed up the sky so that the sun could been seen, and in doing so created the first sunrise.  The Magpies dawn chorus reminds us of their important role in our creation.

My  interpretation of the Australian Magpie reflects the sunrise within his eye, showing his assertive and confident nature that boasts of his achievement in the creation of the first dawn.

Thank you to wildlife photographer Muneer Al Shanti for graciously providing the reference photo for this birdlife painting.

Original Oil on Canvas  (Framed) – SOLD


Unframed – 61cm x 91cm (24″ x 36″)

Framed – 65cm x 95cm (26″ x 38″)

Print in Matboard size 28cm x 35cm (Unframed) – $65 (AUD) including shipping.
Framed Print in Matboard size 32cm x 40cm – $90 (AUD) including shipping.
Small Print on Ready to Hang Canvas size 30cm x 45cm (Unframed) – $170 (AUD) including shipping.
Large Print on Ready to Hang Canvas size 60xm x 90cm (Unframed) – $400 (AUD) including shipping.
Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Archival Photo Rag 308 gsm. Prints same size as the original painting 61cm x91cm (Unframed) – $280 (AUD) including shipping.
Other print sizes available on request.

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