“Triple Delight” – Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Major Mitchell Cockatoos painted in oils.

A commission for a special client co-ordinated via Jahroc Galleries, Margaret River, Western Australia.

This painting was created to meet a client’s specific conceptual requirements. ” Major Mitchell Cockatoos on a branch, artwork size 135cm x 75cm”.

Two concepts were presented to the client via the intermediatery Jahroc Galleries. It took several days of working through images  supplied by two fabulous photographers who graciously share their talent.  I had hundreds of images to choose from and decided for acknowledgement reasons to only work with one photographer per concept.  I finally came up with two concepts (One concept for each photographer).  The final concepts were presented as black and white photographs of three Major Mitchell’s in situ on rough sketch tree branches. 

My motto when I create an artwork is to paint for me.  Creating a commission is a different creative experience, whereby the artist is painting to meet client expectations.  An interesting experience particularly when a third party is the intermediary .

Commission delivery day and fingers crossed.  The result was a more than happy client who sent me a beautiful thank you email.  

I am told the painting now resides in the client’s master bedroom –  May “Triple Delight” bring sweet dreams.

Thank you to my wonderful photographer friend Keith Lightbody for graciously providing the three reference photos used to create this oil painting.

Thank you also Jahroc Galleries for representing and promoting my artworks.

SOLD – Private Commission

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