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Translating a client’s vision can be fun and challenging all at the same time. In this instance my client awoke to a vision following major heart surgery. My job was to translate the vision onto canvas. From obtaining a written brief, sourcing reference photos, developing conceptual ideas for client approval and creating a significantly personal artwork.

Oil on canvas 51cm x 76cm (unframed).

Very big thank you photographer to Perry Cho for assistance and graciously providing the reference photos used for as inspiration for this commission.

Commission above was created for a client who requested a series of bird artworks – Birds specific to the Margaret River Region. Thank you to photographer Judy Walker for graciously allowing use of your Scarlet Robin image used as inspiration.

During a hugely successful 2021 Open Studios, I was commissioned to complete a number of commissions for bird loving clients.

All have been successfully completed now, and I have room in my schedule for new commissions.

Depending on size it can take several weeks to complete an artwork due to my preferred choice of medium being oils (renowned for slow drying). Each layer of oil paint needs to be touch dry in order to layer up the detail. Lots of zen moments for me and hopefully well worth the wait.

The normal process is for you to nominate the bird of your choice – give me a few hints about what you are looking for in a painting. I then review several reference photos, and together we select the base image. I then use my artistic license to create a special artwork just for you.

Commission below was created for a special client who’s cousin was the photographer Di Pridham. Thank you Di for allowing use of your image.