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A great honour to have my oil painting called “The Stockman” selected as a Finalist in the Collie Art Prize 2023 – theme being Identity.

This is the only portrait ever painted of Ray Macnamara – an iconic Australian Stockman was selected as one of 47 finalists jury selected out of 377 national submission.

Ray’s image has been displayed on billboards in the Kimberley. He has also featured together with RM Williams in a book dedicated to The Stockman – Australian Outback Heritage.

Born in Quilpie, South West Queensland, Ray left home at age 14 and worked as a Station Hand throughout the district. At age 17 his uncle invited Ray to travel to the Kimberley region of Western Australia where he was employed by Lissadell Station and Argyle Downs as a Stockman, Boss Driver and Horse Breaker.

Ray returned to Queensland in his mid 20’s where he obtained his own cattle property. After the success of his enterprise he decided to give something back to the cattle industry serving as the Queensland Chairman of the Cattleman’s Union and as a member of the Cattle Council of Australia.

Ray is now 94, a retired great grandfather of the Australian cattle industry, living just outside Ipswich, Queensland. He has become a good friend.

Ray has written a book called “The Way it Was” about his times as a young Stockman youth in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. It is an incredible story of the region’s history and Ray’s endurance and tenacity as a Stockman – a man made of steel.